Simple DIY Surveillance Systems

Interested in learning how to set up a surveillance system on your property? Some people hire professionals, but they are prohibitively expensive, the services can be overly complicated, ineffective at times, and may not provide the security you were hoping for. If you want to learn how to set up your own DIY surveillance system, … Read more

12 Essential Items for Your Bug Out Bag

BOB = Bug Out Bag. The grab and go, advanced preparedness kit for when all hell breaks loose. A well-planned bug-out bag presents you with a chance at survival when everything seems lost. What you choose to include in your BOB can be the difference between life and death. Regardless of what you are preparing … Read more

Survival Skills for the Modern Man

Preparation and practice to survive in the event of a short blackout or a major catastrophe should be on everyone’s to do list, not just those nutty preppers. We rely far too much on electrical power for our everyday comfort, and pampered way of life. Deep down you know this.  So, what if something happens? … Read more